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Community-Service Scholarship

For many people, the college experience involves, among lots of other things, the chance to make a difference in the world, to give back to the community, and to demonstrate your compassion and dedication to positive change. However, why hold off until you’ve got into college to develop and practice these essential life skills? You can begin well before your college years by participating in community-service work in your own local area. In fact, when applying to get into college or university, it’s well-known that many of these educational institutions actually prefer to seek out prospective students who have previously shown such personal characteristics which community-service can give you. Plus, if you gain considerable community-service experience, you could be awarded what are called community-service scholarships to help pay for your college education! On top of that, there are many great things you can gain from community-service that go far beyond just financially preparing for a higher education. Discussed below are just a few of the benefits of helping out your community, as well as community-service scholarships that are currently available.


Work Experience

One great benefit of participating in community service, especially during your high-school years, is the high level of work experience you will gain. In regard to college preparation, it is a great idea to seek out community service experience that is directly in line with what your prospective career objectives are. Doing so can really bump you well ahead of the often intense competition of college applications. Thus, for example, if your career goal is to become a nurse, think about possibly working at a retirement home or hospital. Furthermore, such volunteering as community-service can actually build your repertoire of life skills that will surely get you ready for anything life may throw at you!

New Connections

Another cool benefit of volunteering in your community are the invaluable connections you will undoubtedly make during your service work. Also, by making connections with these people, you will be even better prepared for the college scholarship application process because your connections can now write recommendation letters for you, as well as acting as great references for you in your future attempts at landing a job, especially a job that’s in their specific employment area. Finally, having connections is always a convenient thing for later on in your life, as you never know where life can take you, and when and how others may be able to help you out, and when and how you may be able to help them out.

Changed Outlook

One final benefit of community-service is the fact that it has the big potential to help reshape your outlook of the world and maybe even the path of your own life. You will quickly get a deeper understanding of how many different types of people are out there, the lives they live, and how you can have a positive effect on their lives. Also, by participating in community-service, you have the potential to learn many valuable skills and develop new abilities, things you probably never could learn if you had not decided to volunteer. Additionally, such work can provide you with an overall sense of pride and purpose in whichever life direction you decide to take on.

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Available Scholarships

The Disneyland Resort Scholarship Program

This scholarship awards a $5000 scholarship to those who have shown exceptional dedication in community service and leadership skills, and who are truly passionate at positive change in the community. This scholarship is awarded every year to ten seniors in high school who are residents of Orange County, California, and who are also attending an Orange County high school (public or private). Other criteria for this scholarship are that you must have at least 100 hours of community service work that has been achieved via a non-profit charity group, at least a 3.0 GPA, along with a verification letter from the charity where you did community service. The deadline for applications for this scholarship is January 31 of every year.

Alliant Energy Community Service Scholarship

This particular community service scholarship, offered by the Alliant Energy Foundation, has been established to award twenty-five $1,000 scholarships to students who have demonstrated an excellent role as a leader in community service work. The scholarship is given out every year, with an application deadline of February the 15. Other eligibility qualifications are: you must be 24 years old or younger, be a customer of Alliant Energy (e.g. Interstate Power and Light, Wisconsin Power and Light), have a high-school GPA of between 2.5 – 4.0, and plan to attend a full-time undergrad program at a college or university or trade school in the state of Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa.

Prudent Spirit Of Community Awards

This award is given out every year, with a deadline of November 6, and is the biggest community-service awards program for youth in all of the United States. It began in 1995 by the Prudential insurance company along with the National Association of Secondary School Principals in order to recognize students for their excellent contributions to volunteerism. The program is open to those from grades 5 through 12 who are legal U.S. residents, and who have done community-service work during the past year prior to the November 6 application deadline. Also, applicants must submit their applications to either the principal of their school or the leader of a local, officially-recognized, organization by the November 6 deadline.