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Career-Specific Scholarship

Career-Specific Scholarships are scholarships awarded to students who know their future career. Most often, this describes potential or current graduate students already working in their field of study or are returning to school for another degree but know where their career path is headed. Returning to school for an advanced degree is a common option for adults looking to narrow down their area of study or become more valuable to their current employer. Obtaining more education and knowledge is never a bad idea, and apart from the cost, there is little downside. Fortunately, there are now options to lower tuition costs in the form of Career-Specific Scholarships. Employers and organizations will provide funding for employees who are looking to further their education. It’s a win-win for employers. They improve the morale of employees while providing help for them to become a better, more well-rounded worker. If you are interested in graduate work and are sure of your career path, research for scholarships through organizations related to your field; it will help alleviate the rising costs of tuition. Scholarships are there for those who look for them. And apply to all you can, as there is no downside to applying.

American Copy Editor’s Society Scholarship

The American Copy Editor’s Society Scholarship is a scholarship program that grants monetary awards to current or prospective graduate students in journalism. This program is a competition and the winner will receive $2,500 towards their education. There are also four runner-up awards worth $1,000. Applicants are to apply through the Society by sending their resume, a brief essay, references and headlines they’ve written. More information on applying can be found online via the American Copy Editor’s Society website.  Applicants will be assessed on their experience in the field and their journalistic potential.

Healthcare Worker

Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

For students in teaching, the Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship awards $1000 to either an undergraduate or graduate student studying education. The scholarship honors three Michigan teachers, fired for refusing to pay teachers’ union dues. The Applegate Jackson Parks Future Teacher Scholarship awards the student who best demonstrates scholastic ability and interest in the institute’s work. Students interested in applying for the award must send in their application, transcript and a 500-word essay. For more information about the Scholarship, consult the (NILRR) or National Institute For Labor Relations Research website.  The application period begins October 1st and ends December 31st.

Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program

The Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program is a re-payment program that allows social workers to loan up to $15,000 towards graduate or doctoral studies. The program is open to Family and Marriage Therapists or Social Workers, licensed and practicing in the State of California. The Program will award an applicant with a loan to repay education amounts through a two year term.  Recipients are required to provide 2 years of practicing health care through a public, non-profit or shortage area Mental Health System. Those interested, should consult the California Governments’ website, Health Professions Education Foundation.  Note: this is a loan payment, requiring a commitment of two years practicing in the State of California. Failure to do so may result in a forfeiture of the award.