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Athletic Scholarship

Being a student athlete in college isn’t easy. Not only are you trying to make every practice, and play at your top level each and every game (not to mention keeping up your academic performance), you also will likely have to worry about how you’re going to continue to pay for your college education. Of course, financial aid from the government is always available, but that comes with the price of having to pay it all back someday soon. Thus, when it comes to paying for school, often times student athlete scholarships are the best way to go. Also, you need not worry about landing that all-inclusive 4-year scholarship, as there are tons of various smaller student athlete scholarships you can apply for that are offered by small organizations to the largest corporation. Additionally, you don’t have to have made the varsity team just to get such scholarships. You can receive student athlete money just by being an athlete in high school, or by simply demonstrating a passion and dedication to athletics in general. Below are a few examples of student athlete scholarships that you can apply for to help offset your financial needs in college.

University Scholarships

Despite what many people may believe, perfectly balancing academics and athletics at the university level is a definite and proven possibility. The key to this balance often includes, of course, enough financial aid so the student athlete need not worry about money. Such financial assistance can come straight from the university itself, as opposed to from an outside source like a corporation or private organization. Thus, how university scholarships work is by, basically, you, the student, agreeing through the signing of a contract, to be a representative of the university and play the sport at a high level of competition, while in return the school pays for your tuition and living costs. Of course, the amount of money the school will give to you can vary from minor tuition discounts to full, all-inclusive scholarships for the full 4 years. The reason why universities fund their athletes is because when it comes to university level sports, teams play other teams from other universities all over the country, often including big nationwide tournaments which draw huge television and spectator publicity. So, such publicity is a great way for the schools to expand their status and recognition, especially if they’re winning games. Thus, by ensuring their student athletes are financially taken care of, the athletes can concentrate more on sports, and winning at those sports, to help raise awareness for the school.

Athletic Scholarship

Aside from this two-way benefit of the student gaining great athletic experience and the school gaining publicity, there’s also another added benefit to the student athlete university scholarship, and that is the opportunity for the student to get an education. In most cases of student athletes, if it weren’t for the school’s scholarship, they would not have been able to get a higher education because of the high cost of university. It is a well known fact that most academic scholarships are awarded to students who are already affluent (middle-class and upper-class), however athletic scholarships often help out those who are not so privileged yet very talented at sports.

Common Athletic Scholarships

MSU Moorhead Athletic Scholarships

The MSU (Minnesota State University at Moorhead) Athletic Scholarships are awarded every academic year to Minnesota State University at Moorhead students who demonstrate an excellence and passion for athletics. Each year the university offers approximately fourteen different student athlete scholarships with an average award of $1000 dollars. Such scholarships include the Judy Peterson Memorial Scholarship, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Endowed Scholarship, the Masanz Winged Football Endowed Scholarship, and the Kelsi Merritt Memorial Endowed Scholarship.

William Woods University Athletic Scholarship

This student athlete scholarship is awarded by William Woods University in the state of Missouri, and is given to students who are either prospective, current, or transfer category, showing excellence in athletic ability in the following sports: volleyball, basketball, cross country, track and field, soccer, golf, and baseball. The average award amount is approximately $1,000 dollars, and is given as an automatic performance award as well as an additional award. Eligibility for these student athlete scholarships is based upon the decision of the head coach of the respective sport. However, for the William Woods Scholar-Athlete Award, the student must show an ACT of 27 or otherwise an SAT score of 1210.

World Sport Chicago Scholarship

This particular student athlete scholarship is a direct result of the city of Chicago’s bid to host both the Olympic as well as the Paralympic games in 2016. The scholarship is dedicated to sponsoring the educational and athletic goals of the youth of Chicago while aiding them in pursuing a college education. To be eligible, you must be a junior in a Chicago high school and have played a sport for 2 seasons over the last 3 years that is reflected as an official Olympic and Paralympic sport. It is advantageous that the student also demonstrate the Olympic games’ values of respect, excellence, and friendship. Overall, 50 students will be picked to participate in the scholarship program which requires the recipient to attend the one-year Chicago Scholars mentor program that stresses not only academic success but individual progress as well, specifically during the process of applying to college. After this mentor program is complete, students then become eligible to receive a renewable university scholarship worth $5,000 per year for 4 years.