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Housing Grant

The opportunity to apply for grants facilitates access to education for many. There are many types of grants and scholarships you can apply for before and during your studies to help cover your costs. In addition to grants such as tuition breaks and stipends which cover some travel and tuition fees, there are specific grants designed simply to help the student cover the costs of living. Having funds ahead of time for the largest school expenses, such as living away from home in a house or on residence, transportation, and tuition, will help you avoid getting into debt shortly after becoming independent.

Why Apply For A Housing Grant?

Ask your financial aid department or office about housing grants. The government, your future college or university and even non-profit organizations offer financial assistance in the form of housing grants. Financial aid in the form of loans, grants and scholarships are regularly offered to students who apply for them. If you are planning on going on exchange, there are certain grants you can apply for to help cover your boarding. Graduate students have the opportunity to apply for grants which will cover their research expenses during their studies, wherever they may go. This includes their living expenses. Grants are highly advantageous because unlike bursaries, you are not expected to pay the sum granted back. Overall, students may need to cover the costs of living for 6 years if they plan to do a Master’s degree, and more if they plan to continue. Obtaining such funds is often highly complicated by the student’s coinciding studies and so, must be well-planned for.

Government Housing Grants

Those people with the largest financial need are most eligible for housing grants. There are a couple of organizations, including governmental bodies which issue a variety of housing grants. The governmental institutions funding these are: ‘the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’ and the ‘U.S. Department of Education’. Information about federal financial assistance for students can be found on the student aid website run by the US Department of Education.  In order to be considered for any of their grants, the proper documentation of income must be provided. It is necessary to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or ‘FAFSA’ form. These forms can be found at the FAFSA website, which is a direct extension of the above-mentioned Student Aid website. The application is always available online, which will allow you to begin the process well-ahead of your studies.

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School Housing Grants

Filling out a FAFSA form, annually will ensure that you will be able to apply for scholarships and grants throughout your studies. This is not only useful for federal or state-funded grants but is also applicable for grants offered by your own post-secondary institution. Colleges and universities usually offer grants and scholarships to students coming in with an exceptionally high average. This is also true for those students with a very high average during their post-secondary career. These students enjoy more opportunities for financial assistance during and after their undergrad, so working hard at school literally pays off. Awards based on outstanding performance are usually given automatically, without any need for application. Your school will provide a wider range of grants however, including housing grants. These will be available to those students who apply yearly or on a semesterly basis. Some institutions require some work in exchange for free boarding. Contact your institution’s financial aid department or office to inquire about possible arrangements.

Non-profit Housing Grants

Even if you do not qualify for any of the previously mentioned options, there are still things left to look into. There is an incredibly large number of non-profit organizations which offer grants for tuition and housing, among other things. These organizations usually tend to be specialized in raising awareness in a certain area or in rewarding exceptional activity. Some organizations which would fall under the first category include those which cater to adult students, minorities, ethnic groups, refugees, people affected by tragedy and to those affected by certain types of illness or disability. The second category of organization may offer grants and awards based on exceptional activity, such as the demonstration of outstanding community service or some other contribution to an area or field. Some grants are awarded based on the completion of an assignment, such as an essay on a famous book or social issue. Application dates vary for these grants as they come from a plethora of organizations. Make sure to look into them before you begin school and at the beginning of each semester, to prepare for the next.