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Athletic Grant

Getting through a post-secondary education can have many obstacles. Grades, inspiration, die-hard determination and funds all may be lacking at the start of your education. Do not let this get you down however. If you are truly motivated to work hard at your education and future career, there are many options available to help fund your studies. If you are exceptionally devoted to community service or sports, there are separate grants available to you. There are a variety of grants offered by the government, non-profit organizations and, most importantly, by your school. Make sure to talk to or call an academic or financial counselor, made available to you by your school, before and throughout your studies. This will help you find out your eligibility and the deadlines applicable for grants and scholarships.

Tennis Grants

Universities and colleges award grants for high achievers in specific sports. Research may be funded for graduate students who study specific areas, such as kinesiology, health or athlete performance. This may occur either through your school or other educational institutions, as well as non-profit organizations. Generally, if you have been on a national team or if you are one of the best in your own division, then you will be eligible for support from your school, state or national sport bodies.

Athletic Grant

If you are between the ages of fourteen and eighteen and an avid tennis player who has been preforming very well, you should look into the ‘Okechi Womeodu Scholar Athlete Grant’. It is funded by the U.S. Tennis Association and offers two prizes of five-thousand dollars, awarded annually to outstanding tennis players with high grades. The obvious benefit of looking into and applying for grants is that you can go through your education without compromising your already-developing sports career. For graduates, looking into these grants may allow them to fund their research.

Golf Grants

Among the many grants devoted to individuals who avidly participate in sport, there are many golf grants. If your institution has a golf team, it probably also has a golf scholarship which you can apply for. One of the more well-known golf grants awarded annually,is awarded by Nike and is aimed at those who have overcome great obstacles. A website which offers help and information about scholarships for top golf athletes who are thinking of entering a post-secondary institution is called Intuition Scholarships. The way students get chosen for an athletic grant in golf, for a specific college or university, is by going to Florida for a golf showcase to present their golfing skills in front of trainers from these institutions. There, you can meet the people who will offer student scholarships. Students typically do this in their last year of high-school, in preparation for their post-secondary education.

Bowling Grants

Any athlete who is a member of Team USA will be eligible for grants for sport participation as well as education. One thousand dollars is awarded towards education to each member-athlete. Additional money is awarded if an athlete is very successful and wins a medal at important competitions, such as world championships. If your university has a bowling team it is likely that it will offer a grant for the best students on their bowling team. Regardless of your sport, you should look into sport-specific scholarships before beginning your post-secondary university. One website you can turn to for information is a directory for such awards. It is called the U.S. Scholarship Guide. Check out the list of their golfing awards, or any others which may interest you.